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We're unable to maintain this app anymore and as such it has been removed by Apple due to age and legacy code base.

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Cater is making news again in the QUEST Community Newspapers

Carter pictured in the QUEST Community Newspapers

As seen in the Courier Mail Brisbane

Carter pictured in the Courier Mail Brisbane

Version 1.4.1
( Current )

1 - Improve restarts by turning the quit button into a restart button.
2 - Fix issue related to the Multiplier x 10 achievement not being awarded.
3 - Added an additional image and text to explain the Gopher else you wont know what it is...
4 - Converting all text to white colour where appropriate to help make the text more readable.
5 - Added animations ( rotations and wobbles as well as pulsing )
6 - Adjacent chaining of successful onion plants, get 100 points for each additional chained onion to your score.


This is a fun game of reaction and accuracy, you are planting onions in a garden and must only plant your onions in locations that are good.

A bad location to plant an onion would be where other plants are not doing so well... so be sure to never plant an onion adjacent to a dead plant... green healthy plants however are a fantastic indication of a good location to plant your onions!

The game is one that could technically go on forever and that your goal is to plant as many onions as quickly as you can for as long as you can without making any mistakes!

You have limited lives of which a mistake will cost you one... so do not make mistakes too often.

The game also has a multiplier for successful continuous plantings of onions, you are rewarded for this success with additional points per onion planted so this could be the advantage to getting a high score quickly!

Challenge your friends on the Game Centre and see who can dominate Onions with the highest score.

The Creators

The Creators of Onions the Game

Carter and Noah always wanted to create a game and they came up with this fun game called "Onions"

They both wanted to use this game as a platform to help raise autism awareness.

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