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We're unable to maintain this app anymore and as such it has been removed by Apple due to age and legacy code base.

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Onions the Game is an App that was only possible thanks to the Onions Project.

The Onions Project was initially just a friendly developer offering their skills to help put a smile on a kid's face but has become an opportunity to do more and help raise Autism Awareness.

Onions the Game was the inspiration for the Onions Project and with the support of the boy who designed Onions the Game and his father who originally approached the developer to create the App, The Onions Project now has a path that will work towards making the lives of Kid's with Autism all the better through awareness and support from the community.

This page is setup so that you can provide support to projects and charities all in one place without having to search the entire web. We will be adding more so that we can help spread the view of all support avenues and options to support or donate.

The Onions Project

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Autism QLD - more detail

Autism Spectrum - more detail

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