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We're unable to maintain this app anymore and as such it has been removed by Apple due to age and legacy code base.

Support the Onions Project

The Onions project is an effort to create an avenue for parents or guardians who look after kids with Autism so that they can provide us with ideas or designs that were created by Autistic kids who want to see their dreams turned into Apps for mobile devices.
Any idea or design can optionally be credited to the child who conceptualised it and if arranged they can also receive the support proceeds from any paid App to help fund their ongoing needs as they grow up and continue through life with Autism.
For Paid Apps that produce revenue, half will go towards support groups or the child who conceptualised the app and the other half will go back into supporting the ongoing need for the project like running and development costs.

If you wish to support this project and help with its running costs so that the dreams, ideas and designs of Autistic children can be made into a reality then please click one of the Support payment buttons below and make a payment to help keep this project running.

Please note: We are not a charity and that any payments made to us are supporting the project, the project then uses half of any profits made from its produced products to then pass on to charities and support groups and some times even families, carers and kids of Autism. We do not collect on behalf of any charity and do our very best to limit our running costs so that as much of the profits as possible remain available and ready to keep the project running for as long as possible.

On behalf of the Onions Project, I would like to thank you in advance for any support payment.
Kind regards, Brendon Moss ( Project Administrator ).

Onions the Game


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